Sunday, 22 June 2014

Why you can do anything!

Hey guys! If you're anything like me every so often you'll be going about your everyday life and suddenly have an overwhelming flood of self doubt smack you over the head and leave you with the desire to crawl into bed and watch episodes of a tv program and never move again. Things may be such as asking someone out, not feeling able to get grades or get into uni or not feeling able to get through a certain situation and feelings there's no way out. So today I wanted to do a little activity that you can do to remind yourself why you can do anything! You can get through this, you can face your fears. So for this you'll need paper and a pen to be able to do it!
First: write down things you want to be able to do but feel as if you can't
Second:  Write down why you want to be able to do these things
Third: Using these last two steps and my answers below, write down why you can do these things.

My reasons you can do anything (apply where appropriate):
1) You'll be supported (by family and friends and when you think there is no one to support you I am and you guys know can always contact me)
2) You want to or it will effect your life
3) You may have to do this sooner or later
4) You say you can
5) You're strong
6) This may not have been a problem for you before and if it wasn't then, why should it be now?
7) Life's too short not too do this and life's too short to care about what people think
8) There's always another way to go about doing something
9) You can reward yourself after you've done it
10) You are a wonderful person with an amazing skill
11) You are better and smarter than you think
12) Life does not end here at this dilemma, there is so much more to life than what you're dealing with now
13) Things get better
14) You are completely and utterly able to do this.

Copy this list/ add some of your own and print it and stick it to a mirror or a door where you'll see it everyday to remind yourself why you can do anything!
Hope this helped you to look at your problems and see that there is a way of solving them and being able to do whatever you were scared or worried to get through or do.
Lots of love
Eleanor x

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