Tuesday, 24 June 2014


Hey Guys! Welcome to my monthly music post, where I run down the chart and talk about my own playlist and of course a upcoming star! Some fairly big changes from last month so lets have a look at the chart.

1. Ghost- Ella Henderson
Did I not tell you that this song would be bit a few months back when Ella stared in my upcoming artist section? I think you'll find I did. Great song, still not over the fact Ella's my age she looks so much older but she's perf.
2) Don't stop- Five seconds of summer  
I really love five seconds of summer despite my worry they'd be like one direction who I'm not really into but  like all of 5sos they bring catchy tunes that I'll be dancing around to all summer, did I mention they're beautiful and the video for this song is amazing.
3) SING- Ed Sheeran
So happy so see Ed back with his new album, multiply. My guess is that it will be as popular as his last and he's certainly getting off to a good start with this song which I've been hearing loads this month it's on every station!
4) Budapest- George Ezra
First of all I adore this guys voice and this song is a perfect mellow sound to listen to when you want to chill.
5) Stay with me- Sam Smith
This song is still in the charts from last month, still adoring it it's one of my favourite songs with an incredible sound
6) Wasted- Tiesto ft Matthew Koma
One of my fave songs at the moment, it's so upbeat and catchy, want to dance to it forever!
7)Here for you- Gorgon city 
This isn't my type of music or tune really, but the cats in the video captivated me, it is a good song if you like this type of music
8) Wiggle- Jason Derulo
I think I talked about this last month but I can't remember. Jason does make some good music, nearly all of his songs are catchy if not slightly crude and a little shocking but unbelievably catchy.
9) Waves-Mr Probs
I have been listening to this song all month, it's nearly always in my head! It's becoming a problem! Still adore it!
10) All of me- John Legend
Ah John, bringing sweetness and loving to the chart this month.

My playlist

1)Delicate- Damien Rice
2)Snap out of it- Arctic Monkeys
3) Solo dancing- Indiana
4) Cooler than me- Mike Posner
5) Always look on the bright side of life- Monty Python
6) FU- Miley cyrus
7) Whatever you want- Status Quo

You can get my playlist and others for various months here.

Star of the month: Indiana 
This star is from Nottingham England and is famous most for her song solo dancing which is actually in my playlist this month. She makes electronica and trip hop music thats just so incredibly addictive and the beats this girl makes are out of this world!

Ill see you next month with another Tunesday with some fresh tunes!
Lots of love,
Eleanor x

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