Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Sexism- rant time

Hey guys! I changed my post idea today because in the last five minuets or so I just saw the most sexist comment ever on a youtube video. It got me so mad I was seeing red and I may have accidentally had a massive rant back to him, which was possibly childish but I was so angry I couldn't help myself. In this post the guy said that it was a shame that woman "compete in men's jobs like reserching and earning money" and that woman should "devote themselves to things they know like being a housewife." It is up to no one to tell a woman what she should do with her life. Woman are just as smart if not smarter than men and sometimes end up doing better than them, a woman does not belong at home, she belongs where ever she goddamn chooses. He also implied woman weren't strong. Excuse me but most single parent families are headed by woman and if a woman can raise three children and work at the same time, never missing school concerts and dedicating her life to them that is strong. It is not strong to sit behind a computer telling someone what they are or are not. He (as a lot of people) went on the put down feminism. While there are extremisms of feminism such as radical feminists who want all males and females to live separately and hate all men ect, most feminists want equality for males and females. Tell me what the hell is wrong with wanting people to be equal? People should be equal no matter what their sex. Talking of sex actually, another guy who agreed with him called woman "sluts" which goes back to my old post on sex I did a while ago. Promiscuity in males and females should be treated the same, females should not be told they can't be promiscuous when it is encouraged to males. He called woman "sexual objects" which for obvious reasons was maddening. He went on to say girls are "arrogant" and "think they're awesome at everything." The reason woman have to be "arrogant" is in order to stand up for themselves. He insulted us and then expected us not to fight back, then when we do we get called arrogant? Men tell woman to have self confidence and then when they do they are called arrogant. Right makes loooads of sense. He also said that the fact that woman get less pay than men, or the wage gap, doesn't exist. There he is just downright wrong, the wage gap is a fact and it needs to be dealt with. I don't hate men but I hate men who think that its okay to treat woman like this and it needs to stop now. Shootings because a woman didn't want to be with a man? Excuse me if a woman does not find a man attractive. To make things worse people actually stood up for this guy and agreed that woman are stuck up if they say no to a man and "freindzone" men. God, I hate that term. Men are not friendzoned, if you are nice to a woman she owes you nothing, especially not to go out with you when she is not attracted to you. Literally grow up and stop acting like a spoilt child who hasn't got what they want. I do not dismiss the fact that woman can be sexist against men but most of the time woman are the oppressed ones and I am sick to death of all the negativity surrounding feminists, even woman claiming not to be feminists. Feminists are not people who will shame men for opining doors for them and whatnot, they are people who want to be treated as equals to men and I'm pretty sure every woman wants that.
Sorry this post was a bit of a rant but I was just super angry!
Lots of love

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