Tuesday, 24 June 2014


Hey Guys! Welcome to my monthly music post, where I run down the chart and talk about my own playlist and of course a upcoming star! Some fairly big changes from last month so lets have a look at the chart.

1. Ghost- Ella Henderson
Did I not tell you that this song would be bit a few months back when Ella stared in my upcoming artist section? I think you'll find I did. Great song, still not over the fact Ella's my age she looks so much older but she's perf.
2) Don't stop- Five seconds of summer  
I really love five seconds of summer despite my worry they'd be like one direction who I'm not really into but  like all of 5sos they bring catchy tunes that I'll be dancing around to all summer, did I mention they're beautiful and the video for this song is amazing.
3) SING- Ed Sheeran
So happy so see Ed back with his new album, multiply. My guess is that it will be as popular as his last and he's certainly getting off to a good start with this song which I've been hearing loads this month it's on every station!
4) Budapest- George Ezra
First of all I adore this guys voice and this song is a perfect mellow sound to listen to when you want to chill.
5) Stay with me- Sam Smith
This song is still in the charts from last month, still adoring it it's one of my favourite songs with an incredible sound
6) Wasted- Tiesto ft Matthew Koma
One of my fave songs at the moment, it's so upbeat and catchy, want to dance to it forever!
7)Here for you- Gorgon city 
This isn't my type of music or tune really, but the cats in the video captivated me, it is a good song if you like this type of music
8) Wiggle- Jason Derulo
I think I talked about this last month but I can't remember. Jason does make some good music, nearly all of his songs are catchy if not slightly crude and a little shocking but unbelievably catchy.
9) Waves-Mr Probs
I have been listening to this song all month, it's nearly always in my head! It's becoming a problem! Still adore it!
10) All of me- John Legend
Ah John, bringing sweetness and loving to the chart this month.

My playlist

1)Delicate- Damien Rice
2)Snap out of it- Arctic Monkeys
3) Solo dancing- Indiana
4) Cooler than me- Mike Posner
5) Always look on the bright side of life- Monty Python
6) FU- Miley cyrus
7) Whatever you want- Status Quo

You can get my playlist and others for various months here.

Star of the month: Indiana 
This star is from Nottingham England and is famous most for her song solo dancing which is actually in my playlist this month. She makes electronica and trip hop music thats just so incredibly addictive and the beats this girl makes are out of this world!

Ill see you next month with another Tunesday with some fresh tunes!
Lots of love,
Eleanor x

Sunday, 22 June 2014

Why you can do anything!

Hey guys! If you're anything like me every so often you'll be going about your everyday life and suddenly have an overwhelming flood of self doubt smack you over the head and leave you with the desire to crawl into bed and watch episodes of a tv program and never move again. Things may be such as asking someone out, not feeling able to get grades or get into uni or not feeling able to get through a certain situation and feelings there's no way out. So today I wanted to do a little activity that you can do to remind yourself why you can do anything! You can get through this, you can face your fears. So for this you'll need paper and a pen to be able to do it!
First: write down things you want to be able to do but feel as if you can't
Second:  Write down why you want to be able to do these things
Third: Using these last two steps and my answers below, write down why you can do these things.

My reasons you can do anything (apply where appropriate):
1) You'll be supported (by family and friends and when you think there is no one to support you I am and you guys know can always contact me)
2) You want to or it will effect your life
3) You may have to do this sooner or later
4) You say you can
5) You're strong
6) This may not have been a problem for you before and if it wasn't then, why should it be now?
7) Life's too short not too do this and life's too short to care about what people think
8) There's always another way to go about doing something
9) You can reward yourself after you've done it
10) You are a wonderful person with an amazing skill
11) You are better and smarter than you think
12) Life does not end here at this dilemma, there is so much more to life than what you're dealing with now
13) Things get better
14) You are completely and utterly able to do this.

Copy this list/ add some of your own and print it and stick it to a mirror or a door where you'll see it everyday to remind yourself why you can do anything!
Hope this helped you to look at your problems and see that there is a way of solving them and being able to do whatever you were scared or worried to get through or do.
Lots of love
Eleanor x

Sunday, 15 June 2014

Laughter is the best medicine| look on the bright side of life

Hey Guys! Today I wanted to talk about something which is actually important to me, laughter. It sounds strange that this would be important to me but I think it's actually important to everyone. The saying that it's mind over matter when it comes to illnesses has been debated hugely, using things like placebo tests to see that if you really believe you can get better or you are getting better, that it actually takes a toll on your well being and you begin to have the same effects as if you were getting treatment. If you look at this link here there is a perfect example of something which people believed is actually making them feel better and so they begin to feel much more confident despite there being nothing actually helping.

 I believe that if you are laughing or having a good time then you will instantly feel better again, even if you're not ill but scared or anxious then laugher is an instant pick me up. When I find something funny it's difficult to hold on to the worry that I've got and I start to relax a little. Surrounding yourself with people that make you laugh is so important as even if you feel terrible they're always there to cheer you up, why do you think we enjoy watching comedians so much? Because they make us forget about our problems and if we have people around us like that all the time, sooner or later we are going to start joining in and laughing. 

This is related to the main point I wanted to make today and that is not to take life so seriously.I have a massive problem with worrying about everything. You'll have probably heard the song always look on the bright side of life in the musical spamalot, well the lyrics are so important. "When you're chewing on life's gristle, don't grumble, give a whistle and this will help things turn out for the best" and then it moves into the famous chorus of always look on the bright side of life. It's such a happy song with a really important message, to stop taking life so seriously. There are so many things in life that make us feel bad and get us down as it says "Life's a piece of shit when you look at it" and it's true. But if we live our lives so bogged down by all the bad things you'll end up becoming dragged into things like depression and constantly being upset which is why it's incredibly important to stop taking everything so hard on yourself, stop taking menial things and making them into massive mountains you can't get over because there is so much more than that and just enjoy life instead of getting upset at every little hurdle. We all need to stop being so serious about things and just learn to look at the bright side of life. So every time you're upset or feeling sad give this song a listen to and I promise it will be an instant pick me up and you'll begin to see that actually in the grand scheme of things enjoying yourself is more important and too laugh at life's mishaps instead of taking them so seriously.
Eleanor x

Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Sexism- rant time

Hey guys! I changed my post idea today because in the last five minuets or so I just saw the most sexist comment ever on a youtube video. It got me so mad I was seeing red and I may have accidentally had a massive rant back to him, which was possibly childish but I was so angry I couldn't help myself. In this post the guy said that it was a shame that woman "compete in men's jobs like reserching and earning money" and that woman should "devote themselves to things they know like being a housewife." It is up to no one to tell a woman what she should do with her life. Woman are just as smart if not smarter than men and sometimes end up doing better than them, a woman does not belong at home, she belongs where ever she goddamn chooses. He also implied woman weren't strong. Excuse me but most single parent families are headed by woman and if a woman can raise three children and work at the same time, never missing school concerts and dedicating her life to them that is strong. It is not strong to sit behind a computer telling someone what they are or are not. He (as a lot of people) went on the put down feminism. While there are extremisms of feminism such as radical feminists who want all males and females to live separately and hate all men ect, most feminists want equality for males and females. Tell me what the hell is wrong with wanting people to be equal? People should be equal no matter what their sex. Talking of sex actually, another guy who agreed with him called woman "sluts" which goes back to my old post on sex I did a while ago. Promiscuity in males and females should be treated the same, females should not be told they can't be promiscuous when it is encouraged to males. He called woman "sexual objects" which for obvious reasons was maddening. He went on to say girls are "arrogant" and "think they're awesome at everything." The reason woman have to be "arrogant" is in order to stand up for themselves. He insulted us and then expected us not to fight back, then when we do we get called arrogant? Men tell woman to have self confidence and then when they do they are called arrogant. Right makes loooads of sense. He also said that the fact that woman get less pay than men, or the wage gap, doesn't exist. There he is just downright wrong, the wage gap is a fact and it needs to be dealt with. I don't hate men but I hate men who think that its okay to treat woman like this and it needs to stop now. Shootings because a woman didn't want to be with a man? Excuse me if a woman does not find a man attractive. To make things worse people actually stood up for this guy and agreed that woman are stuck up if they say no to a man and "freindzone" men. God, I hate that term. Men are not friendzoned, if you are nice to a woman she owes you nothing, especially not to go out with you when she is not attracted to you. Literally grow up and stop acting like a spoilt child who hasn't got what they want. I do not dismiss the fact that woman can be sexist against men but most of the time woman are the oppressed ones and I am sick to death of all the negativity surrounding feminists, even woman claiming not to be feminists. Feminists are not people who will shame men for opining doors for them and whatnot, they are people who want to be treated as equals to men and I'm pretty sure every woman wants that.
Sorry this post was a bit of a rant but I was just super angry!
Lots of love

Friday, 6 June 2014

What to do when you're bored!

Hey Guys! Many people now have finished exams and so on, a massive well done to you if you have and if you're on my year, suddenly you find yourself with a week or two before having to go back to school again to start year 13, or you may have completely finished your GCSE's and don't have to go back at all. In any case, despite the new found feeling of relief and happiness, you may find yourself becoming a little bit bored. So I've come up with different things to keep you entertained and generally help you stop sitting around feeling bored without revision to do.

Apps to download:
-Tapped out, The Simpson's: rebuild Springfield after homer ruined it all. So much fun
-Quiz up: Hudreds of quizes you can battle against people from all over the world literally my favourite thing, battle me too, add me, Eleanor Smith. There's even a fault in our stars quiz.
-High school story: I've blogged about this before, make your own highschool. Still my fave.
-Tippy Tap: Don't tap the white squares
- Geometry dash: My sole reason for the probable failure of my a levels. This will keep you entertained for hours, or at least until you throw your phone out the window in frustration.

If you're looking for film suggestions look no further
-The first time
- Pitch perfect
- Bad Neighbours
- Easy A
-The breakfast club
-This is the end
-The kings of summer

Some of my book recommendations:
-The Book Theif: This book killed me. That is all.
-Viral series: seriously, if you're looking for a new series to get into these are literally amazing, written by author Kathy Reiches who wrote the Bones series which is now a tv series. In true Reiches style they are mysteries, but with a twist as Tory and her friends realise they are not entirely human...
-Why we broke up: I read this book last year on holiday in France, it's a mixture of pictures and the whole book is a long letter, really enjoyed this book.
-Knellers Happy Campers: This is a strange short book. It's about a boy who commits suicide and finds himself in a world where people go when they commit suicide. There is actually a film adaptation called wristcutters: A love story which i need to get round to watching.
- Paper towns: Where would this list be without a John Green? This is my second favourite of his after the fault in our stars.

Caramel Apple Crumble
Summer Pudding
Cherry Blossom Cupcakes
Cookie Dough Brownies
Healthy Blueberry Muffins
Mint Fudge Oreo Brownies
Raspberry Thumprint Cookies

PewDiePie: A youtube Gamer
danisnotonfire: The one, the only.
Crabstickz: Love him
Nigahiga: This guys videos are so pun-ny

Okay Guys hope these have helped you from dying of bordem, if you want me to make more of these posts just ask me too!
Love you lots,
Eleanor x