Saturday, 31 May 2014

Very Inspiring Blogger award

Hey babies! I have been nominated for the very inspiring blogger award! This is so awesome so thank you so much Nessie for nominating me! I've become super close with Nessie these last months so you all need to see her blog ( because she's lovley and her posts are to die for.

The Rules: 

  • Thank and list the amazing blogger who nominated you 
  • list the rules and display the award 
  • share 7 facts about yourself
  • nominate other blogs who you think deserve this award and comment on their blogs letting them know they've been nominated 
  • display the logo and follow the blogger who nominated you 

7 facts about me!

1) I have two cats, Casper and Pebbles and they're my babies
2) I have seen pretty much every episode of pokemon and played most of the games and I'm pretty sure I know nearly all of them and their evolutionary lines.
3) I drink about three cups of peppermint tea a day
4) My reading ability has always been bigger than my age and I can read faster than most people, I've always got my head in a book!
5) There are a lot of foods I can't eat, like pasta.
6) I want to be a psychologist and a writer so I'm studying psychology at university, hopefully if I pass my a levels
7) I've been told I am incredibly stubborn.

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7) Donald- Tres Charmant (
8)Christian- my simple modest chick (
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10) Karolina- Burunette Wavez (

Have fun doing this guys! lots of love 
Eleanor x

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