Friday, 23 May 2014

Clinique anti blemish step system review

Hey pretties, I only have one exam left! I'm so happy finally I can relax a little and just focus on biology unit 2, the fact that they're all nearly over is scary actually my whole year has led to this, fingers crossed I haven't messed it up huh. Goodluck if you have been doing exams! Tell me how they went down in the comments, I bet you all did great. Anyway I thought I'd squeeze in a few reviews before tunesday and I said I'd do this review in may awhile ago and I know a few people wanted me to do it. I did a step system of my own here explaining how to deal with breakouts (trust me I know.) Since I've suffered from acne since I was like eleven I've been trying a range of different treatments from tablets and different creams and I finally decided to go for clinique. There is a main three step system, with added foundation and a little gel so Im going to talk about each product separately. The first step is a cleansing foam or soap, I used the foam which looks like this
It has a really nice texture actually, it doesnt feel greasy or anything and literally as soon as you use it your skin looks better which is really strange. I'm actually a really big fan of foams for faces on a whole which is why i choose it over the soap but I guess it's preference. I like this product on a whole, with the others however it can be drying so its super important to only use on squirt of the bottle or your skin will hurt.

The second part is an ex-foliating toner
I like the exfoliating part because it means I'm not using a scrub on my face which can somtimes burst spots because they can be harsh. Im into toners a lot, I have another favourite toner which I used before this which is lancome called tonique eclat which is also pricey but really good. Again it's so important to only use a little of this because it can really really dry out your skin.

The third part is the moisturiser 
 For me this was the worst part of the trio. It was so incredibly drying it was impossible to put on my face. My face would actually hurt using this product I hated it. I used it for about a week and decided I just couldnt any more and instead I use the dramatically different moisteriser which is like my favorite ever and I love it, I actually really recommend using the dramatically different one because with this I found way too drying and uncomfortable. 

I do use the gel which I really like too actually but I don't use the foundation. Ive heard so many good stuff and I do actually really like the foundation but because of how dry it all makes my face it just goes patchy and looks awful so I use Bennifit oxygen wow which I'll do a review on sometime which I adore because it never makes my skin look patchy or anything. I still have a lot of scars on my face and I do still get breakouts with these, it has by no means completely changed my life and no I have clear skin or anything like that and it does dry your skin out so much. However I have noticed a difference in size of my spots, I no longer get massive white headed spots like a used to and it has reduced shine so much I barely have to use powder anymore which is fantastic. It is so pricey for these products so if you're using something and its working its worth staying on that just because of how expensive the products are. Having said that they do last a long time so that counts for something. They seem to have worked for everyone but me somehow, almost every review I've read always says how much they worked and for me they didnt do that. I'm going to continue with them for now because they have worked to a degree and I want to see if they carry on making a difference. I do recommend this system though just because it honestly had made a difference just not to the extent I would have liked, but they do amazing things for the majority of people! Have you tried these products? Tell me if they have worked for you in the comments! 
Eleanor x

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