Monday, 31 March 2014

Mental Health Awearness March-end and thank you

Hey guys! So todays the end of march meaning my little mental health awareness series has finished! Thank you to everyone who sent me stories and posts and supported by liking the posts i put up! I'll be back to normal this month, with a Tunesday tomorrow, some reviews and some little posts of my usual kind and a cheeky baking post!

Remember the awareness doesn't stop here! Remember to sign up/donate/hold your own mental health weeks or months to carry on supporting! Look here to see what you can do:

I know how much you love it when I find new websites for you and heres a new fave, it's called Blah Therapy and you can choose whether you want to 'listen' or vent' to a stranger. You can help people out or talk to people about your problems to someone you don't know and so can't judge or say anything, I always find it so much easier telling people I don;t know about my problems!

Love you all and I'll see you very soon
Eleanor x

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