Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Tunesday Tuesday

Hey guys, so this is a new music section I thought I'd start and do like once at the end of every month! So I'm going to go through the top 10 in the chart at the moment then go through the music I've been listening too(not usually in the charts) and then talk about new faces in the music industry! So at the moment the chart looks like this:
1) Money on my mind- Sam smith
Well apart from having an awesome last name, this is actually a super catchy song definitely going to be singing this one!
2) Happy- Pharrell Williams
Love love love love love. Actually havn't met anyone who dislikes this song, so good for cheering you up
3)Rather be-Clean Bandit
Again, so catchy literally singing this all the time, trying not to overplay this because I know after a while it's going to really get on my nerves...

4) Say Something- A great big world and Christina Aguilera
This is so beautiful literally watching the video makes me cry every time absolutely adore this you have to listen to it! Download now I insist! Also Christina looks amazing as always.
5) Stay the night-Zed and Hayley Williams 
The second Williams in the chart at the moment and another beautiful lady (paramore are amazing Hayley let me be you) The fact I'm a tiny bit in love with Hayley maybe made me bias towards this song but it's actually so upbeat it'll have you dancing around your room in no time.

6) Dark Horse-Katy Perry
This song definitely has some good vibes, put's you in the mood to kick some butt. Another great video too from Miss Perry but please don't wear that yellow blonde wig again.
7)Shot me down-David Guetta and Skyler Grey
I fell inlove with Skyler after seeing her song invisible (totally my year nine tune there may have even been lyrics uploaded to facebook *cringes*) and she didn't disappoint, with this slightly sinister song mixed with good beats this song needs to be downloaded. I kinda wish the chorus had some verses thought like make a part two where it's slower and without David's beats?
8) Timber-Pitbull and Kesha  

Arguably my favourite song of the month. Don't listen to Perez Kesha, we think your beautiful how you are.

9) Crying for no reason-Katy B
Another Katy, but alas this time less upbeat one and a sadder song.  Great power balled.
10) Dibby Dibby sound-DJ fresh vs Jay Fay and Miss Dynamite
This song is crazy...just crazy great video and so catchy but hard to sing but I'm gonna sing it anyway type of song.

On my repeat play list at the moment are:
 Paramore- still into you

Avril Lavigne- heres to never growing up

wild cherry- Play that funky music
jet- are you gonna be my girl
red hot chilli peppers-Dani California
Areosmith- walk this way
Areosmith-dude looks like a lady
Metrostation- 17 forever

My upcoming star of the month:
Etta Bond 
This Cambridge born girlie so super super talented. She's signed by Odd Child which is Labrinth's label and has collabed with Wretch 32, Plan B and Labrinth himself. Her voice gives me goosebumps and that raw quality I just love, definitely need to check her out!

I need to get my plans for blog posts this month sorted out so i'll do that tonight and see you all soon hopefully.
Lots of Love
Eleanor x

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