Friday, 14 February 2014

Tips to being happy!

Firstly a very happy valentines to you all! I know since it is valentines and some of you single pringles may be feeling down or maybe you're feeling down for a different reason I thought I'd do a little post on happiness and how to be happy! Remember some of these tips won't work for some people and work for others so give them a try you never know! I first had the idea for this post from Dan and Phill's radio special they did and the tips on there so I wrote my favorite tips from it!
1) Juts before you go to sleep every night write three good things that happened that day. Whether it's a conversation or a test result, even if you think you've had the worlds crappiest day still try to find one good thing that happened.
2) Do something nice for someone. Random acts of kindness, buy someone a packet of sweets, send them a text telling them how much they mean to you, anything like this will guarantee to make you and someone else feel better.
3) Taking care of your body.  This means not stuffing your face with galaxy when something goes wrong. Start an exercise class or go to the gym, even take a walk round the block every day. Exercise is actually scientifically proven to increase happiness rates by releasing "Happy chemicals" into the brain!
4)Feel in the present. Remember whats done is done and what is to come isn't happening yet. Reminding yourself of these things can often help.......
5)Putting things into perspective. If you're anything like me you panic about the future so much but remembering that things as I imagine probably won't happen and to worry about it when the time comes is a de-stresser.
6) Being open with people. Keeping things you're upset about locked inside you is going to make the problem worse. I'm definitely one who runs to other people when I have a problem rather than keeping it inside me because I know that there no use in being sat upset alone when someone might just be able to reassure me. If you talk to other people it gives a sense that you're not alone too, you can get other people to help tackle your situation with you.
7) Remember you have the capacity to be happy. You can be happy if you want to be. You have the capacity to change how you feel.
8) Connect with people. Talk to people and don't isolate yourself up into a ball of sadness. If someones upset you tell them why.
9) Uplifting music. This helps to, the music you listen too can change how you feel. Switch off adele and put some cheery music on!
10) Have something to look forward too. This is so important. Have at least one thing every day that you look forward to every day whether it's a family meal at night or a cup of tea when you get in or a phone call to a friend, it helps you get through the days.

There are many things that stop us being happy, self criticism, negative thoughts, regret. Sometimes it can be good to let these feelings go, what can you do to change the situation you're in?

Things like meditation is amazing for some people and so easy to access with self guides all over the internet, theres even a wiki how on meditating. Taking twenty minuets or so out of your day just to let things go might really help you! I've got some websites here that might help you to relax.

See you all soon!
Eleanor x

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  1. I love going on the quiet place website. Always calms me down if school is being hectic and everything gets a bit too much. It works so well. Love this post, :)