Friday, 21 February 2014

Reviewing time- Soap and Glory butter yourself, foam call and pulp friction

Hey guyss, Its been like forever since I did a review on this blog which is so weird so I thought I'd do a review now and then a lil extra half review type post a little later on tonight meaning you get two posts in one day, lucky right? However I have done a review as a guest post on the lovely Charah-Bibi's blog Celia and you can check that out hereee:
Anyway I have been using Soap and glory products for ages i fell in love with them when I was about 13 and rediscovered my love when I was given the box set of butter yourself, foam call and pulp friction for Christmas last year. The three products are the most amazing smelling things ever and I don't use that term lightly, they are gorgeous.
Lets start with Pulp Friction. It's an exfoliating shower scrub that I tend to use before I use foam call. It bushes off dead skin cells and leaves my skin feeling so soft. It's got the right amount of 'scrub' if you know what I mean, it's not too much so that it stings but its not too light so it doesn't do anything. It's super fruity and thick I laarvee putting it on. I don't like to buy scrubs as single products I prefer to get a wash/cream and moisturizer with them however if you're into scrubs singularly then I would recommend it! It also stops streaking before tanning and is super good for sensitive skin.
Next in the order of use(for me!) would then to use the shower cream, Foam call. I am in love with this its so smooth and silky it's like rubbing on a blanket onto my skin it's so thick and creamy. It also smells so good of course keeping up with the fruity sent and brings a great lather and of course, foam. I'm pretty sure I prefer the smell of it to clean on me by soap and glory too but they're both such amazing products it's so hard to pick a favorite! It doesn't clog up pores either.
Finally, after I'm out of the shower, I'd use Butter yourself. I think this smells the best of all. It's so thick and moisturizing and I use for handcream too on a day to day basis. It is so rich and leaves my skin really soft and touchable but not greasy. It is really creamy so i wouldn't recommend use everyday especially with acne prone skin types but thats not to say you can't use it a few times a week, I do. It also clears up dry skin well but make sure you check any of the ingredients and fragrances wouldn't upset eczema!
Over all I would give these products 9/10!

This week I am reading: Still Alice by Lisa Genova.

See you very soon darlings,
Eleanor x

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