Friday, 28 February 2014

Guest bloggers wanted to Mental Health Awearness March!

Hey guys! I need your help! Every year there is a mental health awareness week but instead of having it last a week, I decided to have my own awareness that will last a month. My new followers may not have seen these style posts been done by me before because for the last few months I have been a bit tackling lighter topics but I think it't time I got back into it. This is where you can come in, I have four planned blogs to do on mental health but that wouldn't really cover a sufficient amount for a month of awareness so I'm asking for people to write some for me on particular mental health problems of your choosing or anything you like to do with raising awareness for mental health. I am planning on doing posts on anxiety, OCD, anorexia and bipoler just incase you didn't want to do the same one's I'm planning on doing but if you want to cover them too then feel free ill post all of them. I don;t mind what mental health problem you want to cover but incase you were struggling I made a list of some you might like to do:
Alcohol dependency
Social phobia
I also don't mind if you want to write a post and your not a blogger. If you see this on my twitter or Tumblr and you fancy writing a post or if you know someone that might want to write one then ask them to send me it or drop me a dm or ask and I'll publish them all even if we've never met! or My email is so send me them to that if you want. I hope some of you will contribute for this it would mean so much!
Love you all
Eleanor x

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  1. This is a great idea. I have dyslexia and it would be great if you raised awareness. If you would like me to do post on dyslexia just comment on my blog