Friday, 21 February 2014

Appy bird... my top app's

Since getting my new phone for my birthday, I have been introduced to the world of app's. So I've made a list of my four favorite app's at the moment!
1) High school story. Basically you make your own school and decide the people in it, you get coins, books and rings when you complete quests meaning you can expand your school and get new type of students and hangouts. Literally the most addictive thing i've ever done I can't stop playing it, absolutely loving the quests. People always look at my strangely when I tell them about it and then get addicted themselves.
2) 4pics 1song. Everyone went through the 4pics 1word craze but this for me is even better. Adore it.
3) Hypnosis. This is seriously a must download. It is simple audio clips you can listen to when you have a spare fifteen minuets or so. You can pick topics from how to be creative to how to stop anxiety and stopping negative self talk and gaining confidence. Most of them are free however more topical ones such as alcohol dependence and anorexia cost a small amount of money which you can buy if you so choose, but on the whole there are so many free clips you don;t have to buy any at all. Thank you Joseph Clough.
4) Flappy bird. Although this has been taken off the market and replaced with new slightly similer ones...(by slightly i mean exactly the same but with a different animal or a different scene, I mean splashy fish, come on) This app is still running like mad and is still top of play store. So. Goddamn. Addictive.

Hope you enjoyed a lil tour of some of my favoutie apps, what are yours? Any you recommend?

I have a new series planned for Monday, so my next post will probably be then, lots of love
Eleanor x

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