Friday, 28 February 2014

Guest bloggers wanted to Mental Health Awearness March!

Hey guys! I need your help! Every year there is a mental health awareness week but instead of having it last a week, I decided to have my own awareness that will last a month. My new followers may not have seen these style posts been done by me before because for the last few months I have been a bit tackling lighter topics but I think it't time I got back into it. This is where you can come in, I have four planned blogs to do on mental health but that wouldn't really cover a sufficient amount for a month of awareness so I'm asking for people to write some for me on particular mental health problems of your choosing or anything you like to do with raising awareness for mental health. I am planning on doing posts on anxiety, OCD, anorexia and bipoler just incase you didn't want to do the same one's I'm planning on doing but if you want to cover them too then feel free ill post all of them. I don;t mind what mental health problem you want to cover but incase you were struggling I made a list of some you might like to do:
Alcohol dependency
Social phobia
I also don't mind if you want to write a post and your not a blogger. If you see this on my twitter or Tumblr and you fancy writing a post or if you know someone that might want to write one then ask them to send me it or drop me a dm or ask and I'll publish them all even if we've never met! or My email is so send me them to that if you want. I hope some of you will contribute for this it would mean so much!
Love you all
Eleanor x

Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Tunesday Tuesday

Hey guys, so this is a new music section I thought I'd start and do like once at the end of every month! So I'm going to go through the top 10 in the chart at the moment then go through the music I've been listening too(not usually in the charts) and then talk about new faces in the music industry! So at the moment the chart looks like this:
1) Money on my mind- Sam smith
Well apart from having an awesome last name, this is actually a super catchy song definitely going to be singing this one!
2) Happy- Pharrell Williams
Love love love love love. Actually havn't met anyone who dislikes this song, so good for cheering you up
3)Rather be-Clean Bandit
Again, so catchy literally singing this all the time, trying not to overplay this because I know after a while it's going to really get on my nerves...

4) Say Something- A great big world and Christina Aguilera
This is so beautiful literally watching the video makes me cry every time absolutely adore this you have to listen to it! Download now I insist! Also Christina looks amazing as always.
5) Stay the night-Zed and Hayley Williams 
The second Williams in the chart at the moment and another beautiful lady (paramore are amazing Hayley let me be you) The fact I'm a tiny bit in love with Hayley maybe made me bias towards this song but it's actually so upbeat it'll have you dancing around your room in no time.

6) Dark Horse-Katy Perry
This song definitely has some good vibes, put's you in the mood to kick some butt. Another great video too from Miss Perry but please don't wear that yellow blonde wig again.
7)Shot me down-David Guetta and Skyler Grey
I fell inlove with Skyler after seeing her song invisible (totally my year nine tune there may have even been lyrics uploaded to facebook *cringes*) and she didn't disappoint, with this slightly sinister song mixed with good beats this song needs to be downloaded. I kinda wish the chorus had some verses thought like make a part two where it's slower and without David's beats?
8) Timber-Pitbull and Kesha  

Arguably my favourite song of the month. Don't listen to Perez Kesha, we think your beautiful how you are.

9) Crying for no reason-Katy B
Another Katy, but alas this time less upbeat one and a sadder song.  Great power balled.
10) Dibby Dibby sound-DJ fresh vs Jay Fay and Miss Dynamite
This song is crazy...just crazy great video and so catchy but hard to sing but I'm gonna sing it anyway type of song.

On my repeat play list at the moment are:
 Paramore- still into you

Avril Lavigne- heres to never growing up

wild cherry- Play that funky music
jet- are you gonna be my girl
red hot chilli peppers-Dani California
Areosmith- walk this way
Areosmith-dude looks like a lady
Metrostation- 17 forever

My upcoming star of the month:
Etta Bond 
This Cambridge born girlie so super super talented. She's signed by Odd Child which is Labrinth's label and has collabed with Wretch 32, Plan B and Labrinth himself. Her voice gives me goosebumps and that raw quality I just love, definitely need to check her out!

I need to get my plans for blog posts this month sorted out so i'll do that tonight and see you all soon hopefully.
Lots of Love
Eleanor x

Friday, 21 February 2014

Appy bird... my top app's

Since getting my new phone for my birthday, I have been introduced to the world of app's. So I've made a list of my four favorite app's at the moment!
1) High school story. Basically you make your own school and decide the people in it, you get coins, books and rings when you complete quests meaning you can expand your school and get new type of students and hangouts. Literally the most addictive thing i've ever done I can't stop playing it, absolutely loving the quests. People always look at my strangely when I tell them about it and then get addicted themselves.
2) 4pics 1song. Everyone went through the 4pics 1word craze but this for me is even better. Adore it.
3) Hypnosis. This is seriously a must download. It is simple audio clips you can listen to when you have a spare fifteen minuets or so. You can pick topics from how to be creative to how to stop anxiety and stopping negative self talk and gaining confidence. Most of them are free however more topical ones such as alcohol dependence and anorexia cost a small amount of money which you can buy if you so choose, but on the whole there are so many free clips you don;t have to buy any at all. Thank you Joseph Clough.
4) Flappy bird. Although this has been taken off the market and replaced with new slightly similer ones...(by slightly i mean exactly the same but with a different animal or a different scene, I mean splashy fish, come on) This app is still running like mad and is still top of play store. So. Goddamn. Addictive.

Hope you enjoyed a lil tour of some of my favoutie apps, what are yours? Any you recommend?

I have a new series planned for Monday, so my next post will probably be then, lots of love
Eleanor x

Reviewing time- Soap and Glory butter yourself, foam call and pulp friction

Hey guyss, Its been like forever since I did a review on this blog which is so weird so I thought I'd do a review now and then a lil extra half review type post a little later on tonight meaning you get two posts in one day, lucky right? However I have done a review as a guest post on the lovely Charah-Bibi's blog Celia and you can check that out hereee:
Anyway I have been using Soap and glory products for ages i fell in love with them when I was about 13 and rediscovered my love when I was given the box set of butter yourself, foam call and pulp friction for Christmas last year. The three products are the most amazing smelling things ever and I don't use that term lightly, they are gorgeous.
Lets start with Pulp Friction. It's an exfoliating shower scrub that I tend to use before I use foam call. It bushes off dead skin cells and leaves my skin feeling so soft. It's got the right amount of 'scrub' if you know what I mean, it's not too much so that it stings but its not too light so it doesn't do anything. It's super fruity and thick I laarvee putting it on. I don't like to buy scrubs as single products I prefer to get a wash/cream and moisturizer with them however if you're into scrubs singularly then I would recommend it! It also stops streaking before tanning and is super good for sensitive skin.
Next in the order of use(for me!) would then to use the shower cream, Foam call. I am in love with this its so smooth and silky it's like rubbing on a blanket onto my skin it's so thick and creamy. It also smells so good of course keeping up with the fruity sent and brings a great lather and of course, foam. I'm pretty sure I prefer the smell of it to clean on me by soap and glory too but they're both such amazing products it's so hard to pick a favorite! It doesn't clog up pores either.
Finally, after I'm out of the shower, I'd use Butter yourself. I think this smells the best of all. It's so thick and moisturizing and I use for handcream too on a day to day basis. It is so rich and leaves my skin really soft and touchable but not greasy. It is really creamy so i wouldn't recommend use everyday especially with acne prone skin types but thats not to say you can't use it a few times a week, I do. It also clears up dry skin well but make sure you check any of the ingredients and fragrances wouldn't upset eczema!
Over all I would give these products 9/10!

This week I am reading: Still Alice by Lisa Genova.

See you very soon darlings,
Eleanor x

Monday, 17 February 2014

Liebster award #2

Okay so I got nominated again woo! I thought since i have nothing to do (I have so much to do its not even funny) I'd do it again! Rules are the same I think everyones pretty clear on them now I have to answer questions set by the lovely fantastic Issy ( (thank you darling by the way) then ask my own questions and finally pick 11 people to answer them.
Issy's questions:

1) Who's your favorite blogger? 
This is impossible you're making me choose between my babies! I really couldn't say I love so many for different reasons.

2) What's your favorite movie? 
It's got to be 21 jump street. Someone tell me it's not just me pining away for 22 jump street right?

3) Describe yourself in three ways
I'm terrible at these questions so I got one of my closest friends Zach to answer this one and he went with Cute because I smile and giggle a lot and because of how I sit, Crazy because I don't care what people think of me and helpful because of this blog and how I've been there for him. Lil cutie. 

4) How would you describe your writing/blogging style?
I guess I'd go for humorous, chatty and friendly

5)What is your favorite makeup product? 
I've said this before I think, it is of course my which hazel concealer it's perfect I must do a post on it.

6)Favorite music genre  ?

I honestly can't say I have one, I guess it depends what mood I'm in, if I'm in a bad mood I prefer rock but if I'm happy I'll probably listen to softer things it really depends! I know my sister would say I listen to indie all the time but I'll have to disagree with her

Dancing! Ballroom and ballet. I also consider ignoring my responsibilities as a hobby.

8) Favorite brand ?
Makeup I think i'd go with Bennifit or clinique

9 )2 Of my major celeb crushes
Orlando bloom as Legolas and Tom daley. Honestly the list is endless I seem to fancy everyone.

10) What is the worst movie i've ever watched?

11) Why did you decide to start blogging? 
*cute story alert* I was starting to get upset about how many people werent comfortable in themselves and got down and cut themselves because of what they looked like/other things so I created a blog where I talk about issues that might help and try my little best to help people who are going through tough situations and needed to be reminded about how beautiful and loved they were. *cute story out*

Okay so I couldn't find 11 people to nominate:( I found five though so my nominees areee:
Georgie Green
Blazers and Buddly
The Style Teen
Frankie Alex-Freshbritain

And my questions are:
1)Who is your favorite actor?
 2) Worst subject at school?
3) Dream job?
4) Any pets/pets you wish you had?
5) Any tv shows you're into at the moment?
6) If you could live anywhere where would that be?
7) first memory?
8) what do you do to relax if you're stressed?
9) What would be your ideal three course meal?
10) whose your style Icon?
11) What's your favorite store?

Okay so remember the rules:
You must link back to the person who nominated you. 
You have to answer the questions given to you.
You have to pick 11 nominees and create a set of 11 questions that they must answer.
You can't nominate the person that nominated you.
You have to tell the nominees that they have been nominated by you.

Love you all, 
Eleanor x


Friday, 14 February 2014

Tips to being happy!

Firstly a very happy valentines to you all! I know since it is valentines and some of you single pringles may be feeling down or maybe you're feeling down for a different reason I thought I'd do a little post on happiness and how to be happy! Remember some of these tips won't work for some people and work for others so give them a try you never know! I first had the idea for this post from Dan and Phill's radio special they did and the tips on there so I wrote my favorite tips from it!
1) Juts before you go to sleep every night write three good things that happened that day. Whether it's a conversation or a test result, even if you think you've had the worlds crappiest day still try to find one good thing that happened.
2) Do something nice for someone. Random acts of kindness, buy someone a packet of sweets, send them a text telling them how much they mean to you, anything like this will guarantee to make you and someone else feel better.
3) Taking care of your body.  This means not stuffing your face with galaxy when something goes wrong. Start an exercise class or go to the gym, even take a walk round the block every day. Exercise is actually scientifically proven to increase happiness rates by releasing "Happy chemicals" into the brain!
4)Feel in the present. Remember whats done is done and what is to come isn't happening yet. Reminding yourself of these things can often help.......
5)Putting things into perspective. If you're anything like me you panic about the future so much but remembering that things as I imagine probably won't happen and to worry about it when the time comes is a de-stresser.
6) Being open with people. Keeping things you're upset about locked inside you is going to make the problem worse. I'm definitely one who runs to other people when I have a problem rather than keeping it inside me because I know that there no use in being sat upset alone when someone might just be able to reassure me. If you talk to other people it gives a sense that you're not alone too, you can get other people to help tackle your situation with you.
7) Remember you have the capacity to be happy. You can be happy if you want to be. You have the capacity to change how you feel.
8) Connect with people. Talk to people and don't isolate yourself up into a ball of sadness. If someones upset you tell them why.
9) Uplifting music. This helps to, the music you listen too can change how you feel. Switch off adele and put some cheery music on!
10) Have something to look forward too. This is so important. Have at least one thing every day that you look forward to every day whether it's a family meal at night or a cup of tea when you get in or a phone call to a friend, it helps you get through the days.

There are many things that stop us being happy, self criticism, negative thoughts, regret. Sometimes it can be good to let these feelings go, what can you do to change the situation you're in?

Things like meditation is amazing for some people and so easy to access with self guides all over the internet, theres even a wiki how on meditating. Taking twenty minuets or so out of your day just to let things go might really help you! I've got some websites here that might help you to relax.

See you all soon!
Eleanor x

Friday, 7 February 2014

Catch up sesh with Eleanor:My birthday, Mayday Parade and 100 followers

Hey guys, I decided we had''t had a little chat in a while so once every few months I promise I'll do a catch up session! So on Wednesday it was my 17th birthday! I need to get round to changing my age on my blog hmm. I got a new phone finally having being using Lucy's aunty's old nokia for the past month (seriously, it had snake and everything) so i have a samsung galaxy s4 mini in case you were wondering. I already adore it. Also driving lessons, a new outfit from lipsy (ill have to post pics) a digital photo frame and a new game. my present from Lucy was tickets to see Mayday Parade the night before my birthday. Those of you who know me know that Mayday is my favorite band ever next to the killers and to see them live was a dream come true! I was so worried before hand because I still have this virus thing which seems to be lasting for months so I was a little worried I'd feel ill or sick but after some strong tablets and cups of peppermint tea ( instant remedy for everything well recommend) I was fine and actually really enjoyed myself! One thing to knock off the bucket list! The final exciting thing that happened this week was I reached 100 followers on bloglovin! Thank you all so much for following and commenting and liking my posts it means the world to me, gah.
Tonight i'm going to a new Italian that just opened up so that should be tasty!
Thank you all again and I'll speak to you soon!

This week I am reading: An abundance of Katherine's by John Green.

Eleanor x

Sunday, 2 February 2014

The Liebster Award

Hey Guys! I have been nominated for the Liebster award by the beautiful Maria ( )

If you have never heard of this, it's aimed at blogs with 200 followers or less and it's a great chance to meet new bloggers and we can all make friends and connect, it's a beautiful moment.

Anyway I have to answer 11 questions that Maria asked me and then ask 11 more to the people I nominate! The rules of the award will be at the bottom of this post!

So, in reply to Maria's questions:

1) What's the name and brand of your favourite lipstick?
I'm not a lipstick person, having the smallest lips in the world dark lipsticks make me look like a child trying to dress up in her mums makeup and pink and gold washes me out. However I am a fan of tinted lip balms and such and at the moment my favourite is Pink Punch by maybelline , the baby lips range.

2) What book would you take with you to read on a desert island?
I'm going to have to go with the fault in our stars by John Green because it's my favourite book ever although it doesn't sound great crying hysterically on a desert island now does it? Maybe I should rethink...

3) Whose celebrity style do you admire?
I adore Rita Ora, her hair is just perfect and serious girl crush there. Also Zoe Sugg or Zoella, she's beautiful, and oh look more beautiful hair.

4) What's your  favourite song?
This changes daily! In the charts at the moment it's probably Jason Derulo trumpets but out of all time I think either Mr Brightside the killers or Miserable at best Mayday Parade.

5) What are your three top perfumes?
Christina Aguilera Christina Aguilera
Viva La Juicy La fleur and Viva La juicy by Juicy couture

6) Which radio station do you listen to the most?
I don't listen to much radio but thinking about it it's probably radio 2 as that's what my parents listen too! I also listen to Capitol in mornings and I try tune in for Dan and Phil on radio 1!

7)  What's one beauty item you can't live without?
My concealer, it's by which Hazel and it's my holy grail, I've used since I was twelve!

8) How often do you go without makeup?
Not very often! Usually when I'm ill or I know I won't be seeing anyone!

9) what's the best piece of beauty advice you've ever been given?
Well I saw a picture on tumblr of how to do eyeliner flicks, I guess that counts!

10) Favourite band of mascara?
I'm yet to find it! I don't need a lot of mascara because my eyelashes are few and they don't curl upwards so I've never found a mascara that clicked with me or made noticeable difference!

11) Do you read any Beauty magazines, if so which ones?
  I read Company, I love it!

Phew! Okay so here are my questions for my nominations:
1) What's your favourite book?
2) Where do you want to travel?
3) What's the top of your bucket list?
4) What do you hope to achieve by the end of this year?
5) What's your favourite Ice cream flavour?
6) What's your favourite nail polish called and who makes it?
7) What's you're favourite band?
8) What's your favourite makeup brand?
9) What's your favourite film?
10) Which celebrity would you like to meet?
11) A random fact about yourself!

And my nominations are:
1) BeautyLover7694
2) Fashion and Life
3) Life of a fashion Student1
4)SevenyOdd Dresses
5) Fashion styling (mayahorikawa)
6) 3LittleWorldsxo
7) Crowns of Violet
8) Neon Rainbow
9) Everygoodthing
10) pretty by Alexa
11)Slips of Strangeness (Loleighta)

Okay Nominations here are the rules!
You have to link back to the person who nominated you
You have to answer 11 questions
You have to nominate 11 blogs with less than 200 followers to answer your questions
You are not allowed to nominate the person who nominated you
Finally, you must let the people know that they have been nominated

Thank you again for the nomination I love you all
Eleanor x