Friday, 31 January 2014


In many of my posts I always moan on about my skin ect ect so I thought I'd share some of my expertise on this situation. There are two ends of the scale, super spot prone/acne skin and then super dry/eczema like skin. I'm definitely towards the first. So I've had quite bad skin since I was in year 6 even and I've tried everything, creams, tablets literally nothing and it's not even like I use bad foundation or makeup as everything I use is designed for breakouts. I even cleanse tone and moisturise twice a day, but these damn spots won't let up. If you're like me, then it sucks. Big time. It means not being able to go out of the house without makeup on like other girls can because people stare or make comments or both and it's literally the worst thing. If you're the same, then I understand. Seriously I've had six years of this and beside everyone insisting they can't see anything it's not going to change your mind.  So after a while I went to the doctors and got creams and med's and things and none of them really worked for me, I'm really bad at taking tablets I forget all the time so they weren't the best and the creams worked for a little and then my face would just fight back. What's also really annoying is that it's oily combo. This means that not only is it spot prone but it can also be really really dry meaning that I can't use super spot buster creams ect because it dries my face up to a crisp so I can't put makeup on as it flakes. Basically the worst of both worlds. Anyway, since about august I've been trying cinique three step system, a cleanser a toner and a moisturise, I have the clenser and toner anti blemish range but the dramatically different moisteriser because the anti blemish one dried my face up so much I couldn't smile without it stinging it was ridiculous. I'm going to do a post on the range probably about May time so that will be coming to see how much difference it makes. So if you are prone to breakouts I've made a little step system for you to follow if you like.
1) Get into a cleanse tone and moisturise system twice a day and exfoliate twice a week if the toner doesn't include an exfoliation. It doesn't have to be Clinique because I know it's so expensive but things like Clearasil or the body shop tea tree oil range would be good.
2) Change your makeup. It could be that your makeup is causing you to have breakouts if it's oily. Try using makeup like BB foundations and lose powder or Rimmel  clear complexion powder as they are made for stopping breakouts.
3) Use drugstore creams. Again, Clearasil, Freederm ect.
4) Go to the doctors. If you have tried loads of other things it might be worth seeing what they can do. Remember to look into a certain drug called Accutane or Roacctuane if you are offered it, the side effects include depression and weak muscles, dry lips, hair loss and more and is considered to be the nuclear option for acne. It works well but is the skin worth all that?
Hope these tips have helped!
This week I am reading: City of lost souls by Cassandra Clare
See you soon,
Eleanor x