Thursday, 26 December 2013

Relationships #2

Merry Christmas my darlings! I hope you had a lovely day yesterday! This is often the busiest time, Christmas and then only a few days until The new year and it can all be a little hectic. At this time we often forget about the things closest to us, our family and friends. At this time we need to work at all our relationships, parents, siblings, friends. For some people the prospect of Christmas tends to stress us out, all the preparation and food and wrapping and we often get so carried away that we have a habit of snapping or forgetting about symbolism of Christmas, time for the people we love. Remember the idea of Christmas is all about goodwill and it's so easy to forget that. So a little (late) Christmas message from me, make sure you remember to be grateful for the people that organise and buy us presents and try not to get too carried away with all the wrapping.
Merry Christmas and a happy new year if I don't make a post before hand.
Lots of Love Eleanor x

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