Sunday, 8 December 2013

Relationships #1

Sex baby, lets talk about you and me.....
One thing that comes up in the topic of relationships I'd put it under is the, often controversial, subject of sex. The whole girls get called sluts if they do, boys don't kind of thing. That is true and sexist but I'm not going to get into that today. Somebody put a discussion post on tumblr about whether people should have sex if they're not in a relationship ect and lots of people had lots of different views of course. Some people saying it's fine some people disagreeing. I think it's a personal choice, some people do and some people don't and I think that's okay. The beauty of the human race is that we all have our own opinions on what's okay the problem starts when people start getting labelled for their choices. People get names sluts if they do and frigid if they don't. It's like no one can win. It's not true either, if people want to be promiscuous and are okay with having sex without being in a relationship then it's up to them and they are not 'sluts'. It's their choice I don't really see why that's a problem or a concern of any one else's. Just as much as someone who doesn't want to do it should be made fun of either, it's okay to wait and it's okay to say no. I don't think anyone should be under any pressure to do anything and if you're with someone who puts you under pressure then you need to say something because it's not right. Everyone seems to get involved in what other people do I think, it's really not anyone else's business. The fact that other people are so concerned and so quick to judge and label other people is wrong. We shouldn't be judged for what we do and what we don't want to do and it's not really up to anyone else to say what people should and should not be doing. There are limits of course for some people sex becomes an addiction and to the point where people are putting themselves in serious risk and health problems and that's not good, but I guess that's another topic. I think the main point is is to just let people live their own lives (as long as they're not at a risk because of it) and don't label people or force people and make them feel bad about themselves. On the other hand don't let people's words get to you and never ever feel like you have to have sex because your friends say it's okay or because you think you should be.
Eleanor x

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