Sunday, 1 December 2013

Funny videos for those of you who are feeling down!

Hey guys, today is a little light relief post. I think we get a little bogged down and everything's getting colder and more miserable and we all know the best medicine for everything is laughter right? So I'm going to link a few funny videos for you to all watch and enjoy and hopefully it will help you all to feel muuuch better! Plus it's the first of December which means Christmas is coming soon, I for one am already wearing tinsel and singing Christmas songs much to the disgust I think of my family who are actually all scrooge that's a fact. I hope some of you are also getting into the Christmas spirit and are not just leaving me on my own singing wham and watching elf....

Don't you worry, I have a lil list with more posts to come so hopefully I'll make a few more regular ones as it has been a long time since I did one hasn't it hmmmm. Of course being the most unorganised person in the world I have had to force myself into discipline and indeed lists but don't you worry I'll be doing a few more serious ones and of course if you have any suggestions email me my email is at the side somewhere probably.

Anyway enjoy these videos and which I hope cheer you up!

For all you scrooges out there....

Dead parrot youtube account these guys are hilarious and this new series is amazing, watch the second one too!

more Emma Blackberry... well it made me laugh if you haven't seen it already!

everyone's seen this, but do the asdf movies ever get old? I don't think so

basically Jenna Marbles is hilarious, can't think of a video to recommend they're all amazing make sure you look at her channel and pick some videos to watch I'd say the what girls do what guys do one!

I hope those will keep you going for a lil bit, if you have any funny videos feel free to send me them!

Also before I go there's a great campaign on a website I mentioned before when I was talking about bullying. This ones about helping people who have been in domestic violence relationships and so they can protect themselves. If you have any old phones you don't need this is a great campaign to get involved with, remember to tell your friends and send off as many as possible, click here to sign up!

Love you all and I'll see you next week, Eleanor x

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