Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Rant #1

Hope you all had a good half term and Halloween and bonfire night! Today I wanted to have a bit of a rant actually and I think  lot of you will agree because most of you are around my age group, I wanted to have a go at the education system. I actually get really angry when I think about it. I think the main thing that gets to me is how much students are expected to work between the ages of about fourteen to eighteen in high school and then take a load of exams at the end of the year especially now as they have changed it once again to instead of being modular to having them all thrown at you at one time (an idiotic move, government). It puts students under so much stress to the point of breaking when we should be out having laughs and adventures with friends isn't that that whole point of growing up? Not to be sat at home with our heads in our hands crying over a biology text book that doesn't even make sense. Stress is causing us to lose out on so much and then by the time we apply for jobs or uni they tell us we don't have enough 'experience' do we have time for any experience though? when We are expected to work four hours a night on our subjects and by the time the exam comes be such unbelievable wreaks that we cant possible preform to the best of our ability because were so damn worried about what happens if we mess up. Not only that but the exam system its self pisses me off. Everyone is different, we all have different skills and to make people of all talents to sit the same exams is ridiculous. Why are they testing us on things were not good at why not test us on things we can do, isn't that a more actuate representation of our brains? Why judge  someone whose amazing at English by their maths skills that doesn't make sense at all. Some people are academic and get it straight away and can naturally do better, others struggle and have to persevere and that's not fair, why should we be forced to learn and to feel crap about ourselves and thick because school tells us we have to be at a b in science. jeesh some people are not good at science we cant force everyone to be good at it why not test them at someone they can do and forget about the rest. All school does is make people think they're dumb when in reality they're probably really smart just not at what they're being forced to do.  One of my favourite quotes is by Albert Einstein and he said "everybody is  a genius, but if you judge a fish on it's ability to climb a tree it's going to spend it's whole life thinking it is stupid" it is one of the most truest quotes ever and I tell you now, while some of you will be feeling rubbish and like you're not smart enough don't trust the school system. It is nowhere near a true representation of what you can do.
Eleanor x

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