Tuesday, 22 October 2013

anti- bullying, advise and awareness

I wanted to do a post on bullying today and maybe hopefully give some people a lil more awareness  of  the situation and help for some people and I'll link websites down below if people want to get more involved. So I did my research (go me) to find some v important statistics,
over 3.2 billion people are bullied every year
approx. 160, 000 teens miss school everyday because of bullying
1 in 10 students drop out every year because of bullying
I know I know, you get these facts thrown at you all the time in assembly's and so on but I think you'll all agree that these figures are a lot higher than expected, they actually really shocked me. I think bullying is one of the most heard of problems within society but it's hard to deal with. I have never had any experience with bullying but I know it happens around and it can be so easy to sit back and not do anything about it but if you see someone picking on someone you should step forward and say something, if you can do something to make someone's life better why wouldn't you? You don't have to jump in there and smack someone on the face but telling someone to quit it and to stick up for the person is really great, even if you don't know them to well. It can be so hard too if you are being bullied to come forward and admit you are being bullied, some people can be scared or ashamed, and that's why hotlines are so useful like childline. People who are bullied are told they should always tell a trusted adult and I think sometimes that's the only way to stop it. The people you talk to don't even have to get involved sometimes just sharing a problem will help, and they can support you and advise you. Most schools have a very tough policy on bullying but that doesn't mean it doesn't happen. The most important thing to remember is that it's not your fault, because someone is mean to you means they have a problem not you. You know that saying 'what sally says about suzie says more about sally than suzie' or something to those lines, well it's true if someone is picking on you because of whatever reason don't ever ever think that it's your fault or you've done anything wrong. Don't believe what they say either, because they're telling you you're rubbish does definitely not mean you are, they're  probably jealous of something you have that they haven't so don't give in to them. You are not rubbish/ ugly/ geeky/ dumb/ useless/ a slut/ whatever else they call you because take it from me in a few years you'll be out of that situation and you'll never have to see them again. Sometimes it's not even one person or a few people it can feel like everyone and I don't want you to restrict what you love and want to do because someone will laugh at you or say things, just go for it. write down whatever they say or label you onto a piece of paper then rip it up in to millions of pieces and throw it in the bin or out the window and then walk into school/ wherever you're getting bullied with your head held high and remember that their opinions do not matter. Just because some people don't agree with who you are doesn't mean you should stop doing it. remember that.

There a great websites that i've recently joined, it's called the quiet place project. They have loads of great relaxation help from other people and you can sign up and post your prblems and other people who have signed up will help, I love it. I'm going to put a link to something they do called the dawn room. It may really help you if you're down. There are other things like the dawn room that you can also access on this site.

I hope you check those out! If you have a particular issue you'd like me to address please email me at smitheh01@gmail.com and I can make a post about it!

Eleanor x

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