Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Depression post part 2

This is carrying on from my last post so before you read this one quickly look at my last one down below!
Last time I said I'd talk about suicide and maybe one aimed at people who are suffering from  depression and I think today ill focus on that. So just a quick overview of two facts I've found most shocking:
 'over half of suicides are completed with a firearm'
'for 15-24 year olds suicide is the third leading cause of death'
I think what grabbed me the most is how traumatic and upsetting it is that suicide in young people has risen and a third of young people have contemplated suicide by the age of 16. This is pretty shocking huh and to make it worse the main culprits of this is exam pressure and body image. This actually really angers me that we live in such a corrupt society that causes teenagers to physically harm themselves and potentially end their own lives. I saw a gif on tumblr actually that was a woman I' not sure who she is but she was saying how we shouldn't aim to look like woman in magazines because ven they don't look like that and its actually a good point. theres a youtube video called 'dove evolution' and if you haven't seen it then you should give it a look, i'll link it below and in this video theres a woman and people do her makeup and hair and airbrush her and at the end she looks completely different than at the beginning and I think its pathetic how the media do this and portray women especially but men too as something that's not achievable and there are teenagers being influenced by this and hurting because they don't look a certain way. The media should show woman and men as they are I think it would help a lot of young peoples self-esteem. So if you are suffering from depression and suicidal thoughts remember that whenever you walk past a magazine and it has a picture of some size zero woman with double d's and legs up to her armpits, its been edited so much it barely looks like that person any more. Also if you are going through depression it is important to talk about it, preferably with maybe a doctor or a family member or friend and talk about it and come up with a solution better than cutting yourself or suicide. It can also sometimes be beneficial to talk to a stranger, someone who doesn't know you as well so you can get everything off your chest and a stranger isn't going to treat you differently as they don't know you. I'm also always here for anyone and everyone so contact me down the side if you want but I'm going to list a few websites and hotlines and youtube videos that may help but remember suicide and cutting is not the answer and there will always be someone to talk to even a stranger on the end of a hotline.

Dove evolution:



youtube( self harm):

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