Thursday, 22 August 2013

Depression post part 1

I should probably apologise first as it has been a while since I last posted but I've been busy with exams and then I just seemed to haven't gotten round to it but hey ho I'm writing now. In this post I want to talk a little but about depression. I think there are lots of incorrect theory's about depression such as it doesn't affect young people or teenagers but in fact anyone of any age can experience it. Everyone has experienced a kind of it at some point but maybe have different words for it for example feeling down or lack of energy ect but the fact when we all have our 'off' days its endurable because it doesn't last for very long. Some people however seem to be more prone to feeling down and these can last for a lot loner than normal. Psychologists say that its this, the duration of the depressive feelings that determine the line between normal off days and depression. I think what's important to mention is depression can hit people differently and because of different things. because somebody's problem doesn't seem as bad to you, may really hit home with somebody else. People cope and have symptoms different to others too. symptoms include, loss of weight, decrease in communication, concentration and sleep. There are a lot of psychological explanations for why depression happens, however I think to each person it can be unique for example a job loss or a breakup. People aren't as aware of depression as they should be, it can be mistaken for just low self confidence when in reality it does a lot deeper than that. I think its important to, if we believe someone is depressed to take steps because it could potentially save their lives. Its important to discuss it with these people as well because that helps. we should find out how long the symptoms have been going on for and listen to significant events maybe something they dislike talking about or try to avoid, or maybe the always talk about it and always complain as to know what the root of the problem is. I think if you can figure that out there'll be ways then to help, whether to just talk about it or if they should see someone. So basically I think we should start taking depression more seriously and if you know people who are or could possibly be, to help them or refer them to someone as someone's life could be in your hands.

I'm thinking of making a few more parts to this because its not possible to cover all at once. I would like to talk about people with suicidal intentions and one targeting on people who are depressed themselves so that should be in the next few weeks!

as always my details are at the side and if you need to talk I'm here x

love Eleanor x

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