Tuesday, 9 April 2013

we all have things that we hold on to, that it's impossible to get rid of. Childhood toys, texts that make you smile, stories that you wrote when you were about four. One of my favourite things is old birthday cards. I find it hard to get rid of birthday cards and my favourite ones are on my wall or desk and the rest are in a box. When I'm upset, sometimes I'll look through them and they make me smile because birthday's are special memories, especially as kids. They bring back memories and memories are the most important things, they make us happy or sad. I was watching a film the other day called rise of the guardians and there's a bit about how the tooth fairies keeps the children's teeth in separate little containers and when the child was sad, they'd press a button on the containers and they'd bring happy memories to the child that the teeth held. Memories are one of the most important things in life. sometimes in bed I run over things that made me laugh when I was younger, things I did with my sister or Lucy, running around my granddad's garden with my sister and cousins, laughing until I cried at what people said. Then there's newer things, more weird things me and Lucy or my sister did, memories with Luke and my family and people I've only started talking to this year or last and they genuinely cheer me up. Maybe next time you have a birthday don't be in such a rush to throw out the cards because they hold a lot of things that will make you smile. If something happens that makes you smile or laugh, write it down and put it in a box or write it in a diary or notebook so when you're feeling down you can read them again and you'll feel better, it works.

Eleanor x

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