Thursday, 25 April 2013

My mum's friend once told me that our insecurities can become our greatest aspect. Like always I'm going to take me as an example, and I have two main insecurities, I'm tiny and my acne prone skin. Lets start off with the fact I'm vertically challenged. As I have said in previous blog posts or many tweets I am extremely tiny and it can be a pain. For example when people meet you, the first thing they usually say is 'wow you're small' or other similar things; seriously nearly every time I meet someone new. I get at least one comment made about my height, not in a mean way just in a teasey jokey way. However besides the annoying comments to be honest I wouldn't want to change. Being small is what makes me who I am and it's like part of my identity now. I've always been little and although I look a bit younger than 16 which can be irritating the fact and the matter is that its me. I make jokes about myself being small and say things about my height too because in a weird kind of way I'm proud of it, it's something that sets me apart from everyone else. So just like my mum's friend said, my height has become my greatest aspect. She also said that insecurities build character and I think this is true to say especially about my skin.  Many of you may be lucky enough not to have many spots, many like me, may be covered in them. If you do have them you'll know what I mean but if you don't think about something else that you're insecure about. It takes a lot of courage to speak out when you're scared that all people can see is your spots. How people will only see your skin and not what's inside of you but if there's one thing I've learned it's that people don't. people don't just see your skin, or that you're little or that you think you're overweight or you're not as clever as other people. Your personality will shine through and in that way it builds character. You realise the things you hate about yourself become the things you most value because they make you who you are. Although it's hard to see it at the moment, one day you'll look back and think yeah actually because I'm a bit shorter or because I don't have a flat stomach I had to shout out because I wanted to show I was just as good as everyone else and in the end it paid off and made me into me, and honestly it will.

Eleanor x

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