Tuesday, 12 March 2013

why do bad things happen to good people? this is a bit of a depressing subject to start my first blog post off with but at the moment it's resting on my chest.  today, I heard that a family friend and lost her youngest child, he had died in his sleep, apparently just stopped breathing and although I personally wasn't close particularly to the family or little boy even though my mum was, I really felt sorrow. No where near as much as they are of course and my prayers and thoughts are with them, but I felt so bad. I listened to as much Avril Lavigne and mayday parade as humanly possible and seriously started to wonder that question, why do bad things happen to good people? The little boy was I think about three years old, I can remember the day he was born, the day he was christened and now the day God took him back and I don't think it's fair. Many other people will have been through similar situations and will have wondered the same thing. because it's not, it's not fair. it wasn't fair that he was taken from us, it's not fair when our men and women die in wars they're not meant to fight, it's not fair that these things happen to people we love. There's a song by Mayday parade and it's called 'terrible things' and it's ridiculously sad, don't listen if you're happy, but the main line is 'life can do terrible things' and it can, life does terrible things and it's pitifully short, some lives more than others and I guess the whole point of this is just a reminder not to take the people around you for granted and to love them like everyday could be the last because bad things do happen to good people.

Eleanor x
rip Elliott

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