Sunday, 24 March 2013

There's a quote I love and it's 'your life may be the only bible some people read'. Forget about the Christian element in it, and what it's saying is to live your life in a way that other people can admire up to, to show people the important things in life. Imagine that your life was being recorded and at the end of your life you had to watch it back, how would you feel about the decisions you made? content, ashamed, proud? Sometimes it's not how we feel about our own lives, it's what other people see what they look on our lives too, granted it doesn't matter what people think but do you ever wonder if you're doing the right thing or what the right thing is? Now imagine that it's not just you that's watch the record of your life, its your friends and family too, what would their perception of it be? would they be as proud as you were? So to everyone who's reading this, I make to proposal, do one good thing to someone every day, whether it's giving them a chocolate bar for no reason or paying for their lunch or buying a cup of tea for a homeless person something minor, but it can make a huge difference to an individual. Then maybe when you look back on your life, you won't feel like you've made bad decisions or 'wasted' it because of the little things that you've done. And trust me, people will start to notice so that you're influencing other people and how great does that sound? Being able to say, yeah I helped people to realise that life's not about having to most money and being the prettiest but to change the world for the better and I think it's pretty special being an influence and the warm feeling you get inside, all starting with one little act of kindness a day.

Eleanor x

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