Sunday, 17 March 2013

one of the main problems with our society is how everybody is expected to look a certain way, every girl's supposed to be skinny and pretty and have the biggest boobs and the nicest hair. We're all supposed to act  certain way too and I think it's a shame. We get all these images thrown at us all the time of things we should be doing and how we should put our eyeliner on etc, and we never get to celebrate what makes us unique. It doesn't matter that were not ten foot tall with double f cups and hair down to our waists because were all different. many people suffer from self confidence, and I'll be the first one to admit that I do, because we don't look this way. what we need to realise is that its how we don't look like the ideal woman or man that makes us who we are and we need to accept that we're not ever going to be perfect or look like that but that's okay. I'm not the prettiest girl, I don't have the nicest hair, I'm 4ft 11,  I barley have any boobs and I have an abundance of spots. These things sometimes get me down, especially the spots but then I remember that I have things that make me special. I see beautiful girls everyday walking past me and its hard not to think 'why can't I be that tall' or 'why can't I have clear skin' but she'll have something that she hates about herself too. Its also hard to forget the positives, how I'm really good at reading and that I make people smile and laugh and things like that shine through the fact I have acne or that my hair doesn't always look perfect. I think people get so hyped over what they should look like, they forget the important things. That girl you saw with the perfect legs, she probably wishes she had your eyes or your smile. The girl that gets top marks in maths, she probably wishes she was as good at p.e as you or as nice as you. It's important to realise we're not all the same for a reason and instead of being downhearted by this, we should celebrate how we're all different and unique and were all made for a purpose. we all have things that make ourselves who we are and we should be proud of that.

Eleanor x


  1. I was crying at this! This is such an inspirational post and you have such a way with words!
    Georgia xxx