Saturday, 30 March 2013

It's true to say life's too short. Definitely too short for sitting back and letting a moment pass you by. It's easy to let other people step forward and take control but harder to do it yourself and step forward into the limelight. We all need to grab opportunities and take them because who knows when we'll have another chance. No one wants to be the one who wakes up and think 'I wish I'd said that' or 'I wish I'd done that' so don't. If you see something that you'd like to be apart of then do it. If something crosses your mind or you think something is wrong then speak out. There's no point in letting something pass you by when all you're going to do is regret what you failed to do. You need to love the people who treat you right and spend time with them, forgetting the ones who don't because at the end of the day it's the people you love the most that you're going to remember and are always going to be there. If you have a chance take it and if it makes a change to your life embrace it. Nobody said life was going to be easy, they just said it would be worth it and sometimes the hard way is often the most rewarding. Next time something comes up that you're passionate about, speak up because you'll be glad you did.

Eleanor x

Sunday, 24 March 2013

There's a quote I love and it's 'your life may be the only bible some people read'. Forget about the Christian element in it, and what it's saying is to live your life in a way that other people can admire up to, to show people the important things in life. Imagine that your life was being recorded and at the end of your life you had to watch it back, how would you feel about the decisions you made? content, ashamed, proud? Sometimes it's not how we feel about our own lives, it's what other people see what they look on our lives too, granted it doesn't matter what people think but do you ever wonder if you're doing the right thing or what the right thing is? Now imagine that it's not just you that's watch the record of your life, its your friends and family too, what would their perception of it be? would they be as proud as you were? So to everyone who's reading this, I make to proposal, do one good thing to someone every day, whether it's giving them a chocolate bar for no reason or paying for their lunch or buying a cup of tea for a homeless person something minor, but it can make a huge difference to an individual. Then maybe when you look back on your life, you won't feel like you've made bad decisions or 'wasted' it because of the little things that you've done. And trust me, people will start to notice so that you're influencing other people and how great does that sound? Being able to say, yeah I helped people to realise that life's not about having to most money and being the prettiest but to change the world for the better and I think it's pretty special being an influence and the warm feeling you get inside, all starting with one little act of kindness a day.

Eleanor x

Thursday, 21 March 2013

The question 'about me' appears on nearly every website you sign up too, twitter, facebook, etc. and as I see it I pause. I have no idea what to write, what do they want to know about me? it's going to take more than 140 characters (twitter I'm talking to you) to fill in exactly who I am so as usual I put something amusing in the hope that if people bother to read it will make them chuckle. It's difficult to talk about exactly who you are, especially if you don't know yet like me. As teenagers were all about finding who we are, are likes and dislikes hopes and dreams and with any luck, what we'd like to continue doing when were all grown up, or of course if you're like me and unless dancing to Avril Lavigne around your bedroom becomes a job you're probably going to be stuffed. It can be difficult to know what kind of person you want to be and even what you want to do as an occupation. Some days I wake up in one set of mind and the next ill wake up in another. I'll start to think I know what I want to do and change my mind within a few hours and it can feel as if you're never going to find who 'you' are, as cheesy as it sounds. Belonging anywhere can feel difficult, I'm average at everything I don't excel at a particular subject or sport or activity. People can know for certain what path they'd like to go down, they might be very good at maths or science or art but with me and I bet with other people, it's not like that because there's nothing you can say you're 'good' at. It's irritating I know, never to have one of those cliché moments where you suddenly discover by chance that you're naturally good at skiing or you pick up a pencil and draw a masterpiece or something and realise this is where you're life has been headed, and as much as I can daydream about those moments I doubt it's ever going to happen because I'm not that lucky. it's annoying and you can cry and refuse to get out of bed because you're crap at everything (been there done that) or carry on in the knowledge that there is something out there that you are good at, you just haven't found it yet and chances are its staring at your right in the face. we're made for a purpose so instead of sitting wondering when your cliché moment is, go out and find it.

Eleanor x
"I know I'm good for something I just haven't found it yet' -mayday parade

Sunday, 17 March 2013

one of the main problems with our society is how everybody is expected to look a certain way, every girl's supposed to be skinny and pretty and have the biggest boobs and the nicest hair. We're all supposed to act  certain way too and I think it's a shame. We get all these images thrown at us all the time of things we should be doing and how we should put our eyeliner on etc, and we never get to celebrate what makes us unique. It doesn't matter that were not ten foot tall with double f cups and hair down to our waists because were all different. many people suffer from self confidence, and I'll be the first one to admit that I do, because we don't look this way. what we need to realise is that its how we don't look like the ideal woman or man that makes us who we are and we need to accept that we're not ever going to be perfect or look like that but that's okay. I'm not the prettiest girl, I don't have the nicest hair, I'm 4ft 11,  I barley have any boobs and I have an abundance of spots. These things sometimes get me down, especially the spots but then I remember that I have things that make me special. I see beautiful girls everyday walking past me and its hard not to think 'why can't I be that tall' or 'why can't I have clear skin' but she'll have something that she hates about herself too. Its also hard to forget the positives, how I'm really good at reading and that I make people smile and laugh and things like that shine through the fact I have acne or that my hair doesn't always look perfect. I think people get so hyped over what they should look like, they forget the important things. That girl you saw with the perfect legs, she probably wishes she had your eyes or your smile. The girl that gets top marks in maths, she probably wishes she was as good at p.e as you or as nice as you. It's important to realise we're not all the same for a reason and instead of being downhearted by this, we should celebrate how we're all different and unique and were all made for a purpose. we all have things that make ourselves who we are and we should be proud of that.

Eleanor x

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

why do bad things happen to good people? this is a bit of a depressing subject to start my first blog post off with but at the moment it's resting on my chest.  today, I heard that a family friend and lost her youngest child, he had died in his sleep, apparently just stopped breathing and although I personally wasn't close particularly to the family or little boy even though my mum was, I really felt sorrow. No where near as much as they are of course and my prayers and thoughts are with them, but I felt so bad. I listened to as much Avril Lavigne and mayday parade as humanly possible and seriously started to wonder that question, why do bad things happen to good people? The little boy was I think about three years old, I can remember the day he was born, the day he was christened and now the day God took him back and I don't think it's fair. Many other people will have been through similar situations and will have wondered the same thing. because it's not, it's not fair. it wasn't fair that he was taken from us, it's not fair when our men and women die in wars they're not meant to fight, it's not fair that these things happen to people we love. There's a song by Mayday parade and it's called 'terrible things' and it's ridiculously sad, don't listen if you're happy, but the main line is 'life can do terrible things' and it can, life does terrible things and it's pitifully short, some lives more than others and I guess the whole point of this is just a reminder not to take the people around you for granted and to love them like everyday could be the last because bad things do happen to good people.

Eleanor x
rip Elliott